5 Simple Marketing Strategies for Your Business  in 2021

What is the hardest thing about implementing marketing strategies? I have heard a lot of people say it is consistency. I can relate because I understand how doing something every day can be pretty tiring. However, when I think about the end result and what I have to lose, the motivation to do what needs to be done naturally comes. IMO, consistency yields good results.

Let’s talk about your small business or SME. We’ve established that consistency is key and it yields results. So, what marketing strategies should you be consistent in? I’ve listed 5 simple marketing strategies for your business. These strategies would work great if you measure your capabilities well. Nevertheless, it is important for you to study them carefully and implement the ones you know you can sustain based on current circumstances. Be realistic. You can always add more marketing strategies as you grow. As a bonus, I have included what you can do if you think you are not capable of implementing marketing strategies for your business. Ready to dive in?

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Premium Quality products/services
  3. Partnership with other businesses 
  4. Online Ads 
  5. A website for your business 

Content Marketing

This is currently a fast-growing marketing strategy. It is subtle, yet effective in gaining an audience for your business. Content marketing means creating things like articles, videos, newsletters, etc., that are relevant to your target audience. So, with content marketing, you can educate your audience about certain topics that you would benefit them and tell them about the products or services you offer.

As a small business owner that might have a small marketing budget, establishing yourself as a knowledgeable person in your field is a great way to attract people. People love knowledge and are willing to learn. So for example, if you run a tailoring business, you can create posts about fashion styles for different body types. Not only are you educating your clients and potential clients, but you are also making them have confidence in your knowledge and competence. 

There are different channels from which you can approach content marketing. Depending on your kind of business, you can do videos, visual content, infographics, GIFs, blogging, email marketing, etc. You can go with as many approaches as you can sustain, and share them on various platforms like your website or social media. Keep in mind that consistency is key. 

Check out this guide to help you get started with content marketing:

  • Read about brand strategies that can guide your content marketing skill
  • Craft visual contents with Canva, Adobe Spark Post, or Inshot
  • Make video contents with Vimeo or Quik and post them on Youtube or Instagram
  • Create a website to share your content with Zuri
  • Draft written contents, edit them with Grammarly 
  • Get started with email marketing with Mailchimp or SendinBlue
  • Start podcasting with Anchor

Premium Quality Product/Services.

Listen to this good advice because it will save you from being a victim of “What I Ordered vs What I Got” (with you being the villain in the story). Do your absolute best for even the tiniest task. That way, your business will speak for you, and people would definitely recommend you. 

If a client requests something that you do not know how to do, acknowledge this and say you are willing to try. It is up to them to let you go ahead or not. If you are confident in your ability to learn how to do it fast, start immediately so that there would be enough time to get it right OR admit that it is not going the way you thought. I would not recommend you saying a “NO” to a customer’s “Can you do it?”. Nevertheless, if you know you can’t, say something like, “I am currently improving my skill in this area” (if you are), and recommend a trusted brand that can do what the customer wants.

Check out this guide to help you get started with providing premium services and products:

  • Niche on a specialization. You can expand as you grow
  • Be truthful to your clients
  • If you sell products, make sure they are in good condition before selling/shipping them out
  • Get customer feedback and suggestions (really important)

Partnership with Similar Businesses

It goes without saying that it is not the best idea to partner with your competitors. Because, well… That would really be confusing for your audience. Who should they go for, then? Instead, you should partner with brands that complement your business. As a tailor, a fabric seller is one great partner you’ll have. Let your partnership be strategic and beneficial to both parties and their target audience.

You can also partner with complementary businesses to create great customer deals. Back to our example of the tailor and fabric seller; they can offer their clients discounted prices on sewing if they buy fabrics up to a certain price. Creativity … and Google would work well to get some better ideas they can implement. 

Promos, giveaways, counseling, extra addons to goods sold or services provided can all be achieved in a strategic business partnership. It would also not be a good idea if your business partner is in partnership with your competitors because that will cause conflicts of interest.

Check out this guide to help you get started with partnering with similar business:

  • Make a list of SMEs that have a similar target audience as your business. 
  • Make a list of your competitors so you don’t mix them up
  • Write down what you both can offer together that is of similar value (especially for a giveaway). You’re not trying to make a loss, are you?
  • Reach out to those potential partners and share your idea or proposal
  • Be sure that you are on the same page. Again, you are not trying to make a loss here
  • If you can, record your agreement and terms
  • Give clear rules to participants if you are doing promo so there is no misunderstanding
  • Advertise! This brings me to the next marketing strategy for your business. 👇

Online Ads

Just like the advertisements you see on TV, specialized online ads are effective way to get words about your business out there. You can advertise on social media, search results, and webpages with tools like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.  The great thing about these tools is that you don’t need a large budget. So, as an SME owner, rest assured that you can reach an impression rate of 2million at a rate you can afford. Aside from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, some social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter also allow you to create ads and promote your content for more views and clicks at affordable prices. You can take advantage of these by making sure to create quality content with words or visuals that would easily capture attention.  

Check out this guide to help you get started with partnering with similar business:

  • Create an ad on any social media you are active on and promote your best contents
  • Bid for a chance to appear at the top of a google search result using Google Ads

A Website for Your Business

The world has gone digital and it is important for you to follow suit even as a small business located in the most remote area in your country. Don’t you think it is so cool that someone in an entirely different country can find you online through your online presence? Think of a website as an online annex of your physical location. 

You can include all the details of your business on your website. The kind of website you create would depend on your kind of business.  So, if you sell commodities, an e-commerce website would help you display them, allow customers to buy and pay for each item, and get your customer’s details for delivery. It is a simple, automated process that would enhance customer experience and make running your business easier. 

Your website will also make you stand out.

If you run an SME, the chances that your competitors do not have their own website are high. As such, you would look more professional with a website and a customized email address, thereby increasing your popularity and patronage. 

So, how can you create a website for your business? With platforms like WordPress or Wix, you can create a website for free. With WordPress, your website URL (web address) would look something like this: Alternatively, you can go for any of the paid options that could be quite pricey. In addition, you can also buy a domain name and hosting from Porkbun or Namecheap and build your website yourself. This would require some tech knowledge.

I’m assuming that SME owners are from a variety of backgrounds, some with little or no technical knowledge. So, if you are an entrepreneur with no tech knowledge, you can still get a beautiful, search engine optimized (SEO) website at an affordable price with some extra freebies like a customized email address from our Zuri store.

Check out this guide to help you get started with creating a website for your business:

  • Consult with an expert on what kind of website would be great for your business 
  • Think about the kinds of contents  you want on your website and write them down
  •  Buy your domain name and hosting from Porkbun or Namecheap
  • Hire a professional hand like Zuri to create the most custom-made website you can get



Investing in A Professional

You can hire a graphics designer, website developer/web development platform like Zuri, newsletter writer, SEO content writer for your blog, and so on if you want the best outcome but are unable to provide it yourself. Weighing your budget, income, and what you stand to gain if your impression and click-through rates improve, you might then decide that having a professional on board is a great decision.   

Check out this guide to help you get started with investing in a professional:

  • Measure your capabilities and decide if you need a professional or you need to slow down  
  • Think about your budget or simply go for it, filing it as an investment 
  • Consider delegating the difficult task if you have other teammates
  • Look for free alternatives if you are low on funds to hire a professional
  • Hire a professional to get the best result 

Since your marketing strategies are implemented to attract people to use/read/view/connect with your work, and there are thousands of other people that do what you do, what will stand you out the most is consistency. Other things include uniqueness, adaptivity,  skills, problem-solving ratio, etc. Evaluate your current marketing strategies, see how they have been working for you. Switch up if you notice something isn’t working. Be creative. Finally, use the internet to get ideas. Marketing is really important. If you use these marketing strategies right, it could mean a major upscale for your business.

Good luck!

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